KGOC (Krishidhan Group Of Companies) is one of the top five seed companies in India. The Company is actively involved in Research & Development, Production, Processing, Quality Management and Marketing of high quality seeds of Cotton, Cereals, Pulses & Oil Seeds and Vegetable Seeds. These departments are aptly supported by Supply Chain, Finance & Accounts, Human Resources, Administration, Legal Departments etc.
KGOC is a place where people are free to explore and are encouraged to voice new ideas. This is what distinguishes us from rest and inspires us to excel, innovate and lead. The Company gives lot of value to its Human Capital and is promotes various employee engagement programs. Some of the key employee engagement programs are listed below:

Career Development:
At KGOC, we aim to achieve optimum utilization of available skill sets across the organization. We ensure that career development is aligned with organizational objectives to achieve growth for both employees and the Company. The Company provides immense opportunities to its employees to upgrade their skills and thereby achieve their career goals.

Respect for Individual:
Recognize each individual's contribution in the growth and development of the Company. Treat all KGOC family members with respect and dignity.

We encourage employees for their involvement in decisions making. We believe they are the best decision maker as they are at the nearest point of action.

Equal opportunities and fair treatment:
Equal opportunities build trust among people. KGOC ensures equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, age, religion or nationality.

Performance Appraisal:
The Company follows an appropriate performance appraisal technique, which is transparent. It allows a dialog with Management to voice their ideas, feelings, performance measurements and thereby have a satisfying performance & salary review. Potential Appraisals are a part of Performance Appraisals to identify, nurture and grow talented professionals.

We care
Health and wellness is a key concern. We encourage employees to have a proper work-life balance and in a tangible way have covered them under various insurance policies.

Job Satisfaction
The Management takes care of job assigned to employee to match their career goals which will make them enjoy work and they would ultimately be satisfied with the job. A periodic employee satisfaction survey is undertaken for a reality check.

Open Communication
Company believes in open door policy where communication is both upward and downward with appropriate communication channels in the Company.

Family Friendliness
The Company, though family owned, has an unique flavor of family atmosphere with high levels of professionalism.

Talent Pool at KGOC
KGOC believes that the desired growth in business cannot be achieved until it brings in participation of industry expert professionals. The entire functional department from research and development till marketing is managed by independent professionals. As on date the company has 32 Ph. D's, 171 post graduates and 499 graduates. This talent pool helps the company to manage its operations in most efficient and organized way. Seed Production activities of the company are managed by a team of 103 members which comprises of 2 Ph. D, 14 M.Sc. Agriculture, 79 B.Sc. Agriculture and 8 Diploma in Agriculture. The processing team consists of 128 members out of which, 14 are Post-graduates and 53 graduates in Agriculture.
KGOC employs professionals from highly specialized area of agricultural and Bio-Technology, IT, ERP, Finance, Marketing, Business Administration and Support Services. If you are interested in working for Krishidhan Group, we encourage you to forward your resume to